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Incontinence issues can be an embarrassing issue for people of any age. Combine the problem with pelvic pain, and people may find a host of other problems that negatively impact their daily lives. ProKinetics Physical Therapy offers pelvic pain management treatments for people in Brooklyn, New York.

Incontinence Q & A

What Causes Pelvic Pain?

Pelvic pain can be found in both men and women as there may be sharp, stabbing pains in the pelvic organs. This pain may be caused by an infection, intestinal disorders, reproductive issues, hernias, bladder problems, kidney stones or infections, nerve conditions, sexually transmitted diseases, a broken pelvis, appendicitis, or other issues. People may experience this pain when the supportive sling that is supposed to hold the pelvic organs becomes damaged or weak.

When Can These Pelvic Problems Occur?

A person can experience pelvic problems anytime during their lifespan. Unfortunately, a lot of people ignore the problems either because they don't believe there is any treatment available for them or because they are too embarrassed to talk about the problem with a medical professional. Yet obtaining treatment and therapy early on can help people manage the pelvic pain and discover the underlying cause so they can get the right medical treatment.

How Can ProKinetics Physical Therapy Help Deal with Pelvic Pain?

The professional therapists and ProKinetics will help people understand the causes of their pelvic pain and devise pain management strategies and therapies so that a person can have a better quality life. We evaluate their condition and develop the ideal techniques to not only ease a person's pelvic pain but also bring them peace of mind as they no longer have to feel embarrassed over their issue. With professionalism and compassion, we provide people with the therapies and resources to build up their confidence along with developing the treatments so they can enjoy a normal life again.

For people who are dealing with pelvic pain and the related conditions, contact the helpful staff here at ProKinetics Physical Therapy. No longer feel embarrassed over your pelvic issues as you can return to your life without dealing with the pain in silence.