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One of the most common types of pain that people feel in the body is joint pain. Joints help provide movement for the body as well as support. When joint pain becomes unbearable, people seek out the treatment services provided by ProKinetics Physical Therapy in Brooklyn, New York.

Joint Pain Q & A

Why Does a Person Feel Joint Pain?

Commonly, joint pain may develop after a person experiences an injury or an accident. They may find it difficult to move their arm, shoulder, leg, knee, or hip because of damaged joints. Certain diseases or conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis or bursitis, also cause joint pain. While some types of joint pain may go away after a time, other types can be debilitating. Being overweight can also cause joint pain due to the added pressure and tension on the joints.

How Will Physical Therapy Soothe Joint Pain?

Physical therapy offered at ProKinetics Physical Therapy in Brooklyn, New York provides treatments to help deal with the inflammation in the joints and improve a person's range of motion. First, the helpful staff will review a patient's medical history and their physical ailment to determine the cause. Then they develop the appropriate pain management services to treat the afflicted area to lessen the joint pain.

What Else Can Be Done to Help Fight Against Joint Pain?

Along with getting rehabilitation and physical therapy from ProKinetics Physical Therapy, a person can also do other things to help relieve and prevent future joint pain. Understanding the cause of pain, such as from a preventable injury, will allow the person to avoid the situation in the future. If someone is overweight, losing the extra pounds helps to lessen the amount of pressure and tension placed on the joints. To strengthen muscles and stabilize joints, a person can start doing low-impact exercises. Low-impact exercises can stimulate a person's range of motion without further irritating the joint area.

Find joint pain relief by getting quality care from the ProKinetics Physical Therapy office. We help people better manage their joint pain so they can participate in the daily activities that they had previously enjoyed.

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