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Many people experience brief muscle pain caused by strains, minor injuries, or exercise. Normally, the pain goes away by itself or with home treatment. Yet if a person in Brooklyn, New York has chronic, moderate, or severe muscle pain, they can seek treatment from the ProKinetics Physical Therapy office.

Muscle Pain Q & A

What Causes Muscle Pain?

Often, people overuse a muscle performing work, daily chores, or activities that place a lot of stress on the body without taking sufficient rest periods. This overuse results in muscle pain that reappears when the person begins doing the same task the next day. Muscle pain can also be caused by minor injuries and tension as the pain may develop in a specific place on the body. If the person has an infection, illness, or takes medication, they may feel moderate or severe muscle pain throughout their entire body.

When Should a Person Get Treatment for Muscle Pain?

A person should seek medical advice and treatment from a doctor quickly if they feel dizzy or have trouble breathing. These issues may indicate more serious conditions. They should also seek emergency care if they take medications that increase muscle pain, have an infection that causes pain, or experience any rashes or bug bites on the skin that could be an indication of Lyme disease.

How Can ProKinetics Physical Therapy Help Relieve Muscle Pain?

At ProKinetics Physical Therapy, we offer physical therapy and rehabilitation programs that help to soothe muscle pain. Our skilled staff can provide a range of services, from individualized exercise programs to manual treatments, that help to relieve the tension and stress in the body to relax the muscles. We also provide rehabilitation treatments designed to strengthen weak muscles. With a tailored pain management plan, people can further understand the reasons for the muscle pain and how the therapy will provide them with relief so they can work, perform daily tasks and enjoy recreational activities that may have been hampered by the muscle pain.

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