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People may experience problems with their peripheral nervous system that causes a wide range of neuromuscular conditions and diseases, resulting in pain and loss of movement functions. Here at the ProKinetics Physical Therapy office in Brooklyn New York, our staff can help restore balance and coordination again.

Neuromuscular Q & A

What is a Neuromuscular Condition?

Every person has a peripheral nervous system in their bodies that consists of peripheral nerves located in the arms and legs, muscles, and nerve muscles. Some people experience problems with the peripheral system that can cause a range of problems including muscle weakness, cramping, and numbness, which is called a neuromuscular condition. Some diseases can cause neuromuscular problems such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and Bell's Palsy. Strokes and ataxia are also neuromuscular conditions.

Are Neuromuscular Conditions Hard to Treat?

Neuromuscular conditions can be hard for patients to understand because there are so many different components that make up the peripheral nervous system that can be affected by a range of diseases and injuries which cause pain and hampered movement. Identifying the problem and evaluating the symptoms will allow patients to receive the best quality care so they can get their full range of motion back again.

What Can ProKinetics Physical Therapy Do to Help Neuromuscular Conditions?

Here at ProKinetics Physical Therapy in Brooklyn, New York, we help people regain normal movement patterns, coordination, and balance through a technique using neuromuscular re-education. The staff uses this specialized technique to help retrain the body to perform certain movements to improve normal motion control while forgetting the previous poor movement patterns. Types of techniques we administer to patients include gait training as well as activity modification as part of our functional training program.

Neuromuscular conditions can respond well to functional training techniques if a patient receives a proper physical evaluation and works with therapists who are well trained in these types of conditions. Gain a further understanding about how physical therapy can help by contacting ProKinetics Physical Therapy. The staff of qualified professions can help people regain motion and balance throughout their bodies that may be impacted by conditions, injuries or diseases that are affecting their peripheral nervous system.

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