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Physical therapy is not restricted to adults or senior citizens. Children also find benefits from pediatric physical. Let the caring staff at Prokinetics Physical Therapy in Brooklyn, New York provide the ideal pediatric therapies to help children become strong and healthy.

Pediatric Care Q & A

How Can Physical Therapy Help Children?

Just like adults, children may obtain injuries and condition that affect the strength of their muscles and bones. They may also deal with pain and injuries as the child may find benefits from pediatric physical therapy. By receiving this therapy that is tailored to younger bodies, children can become well without dealing with future pain issues that may prevent them from having full movement functions.

What Types of Childhood Conditions Are Treated with Physical Therapy?

Children can experience many different conditions based on their age. They may have developmental delays with their motor controls, experience musculoskeletal injuries, or may have to deal with congenital neurological conditions. Our physical therapists will perform a complete evaluation of the child's current condition as well as their previous medical history to further understand the cause of their illness or ailments. Then we will create the ideal therapy plan that will involve the parents so they are always informed about the treatment we will provide to help the child become well again.

What Pediatric Treatments Are Available?

Here at the ProKinetics Physical Therapy office, we offer a wide range of treatments based on the child's physical needs. We offer manual therapy, motor control techniques, motor learning skills, neurodevelopment treatment, sensory stimulation, sensory integration, therapeutic listening, and handwriting without tears. Children find our therapy techniques enjoyable and fun to engage in as they safely obtain the therapy treatments they require.

Parents who are interested in finding out more about our pediatric physical therapy services can call our ProKinetics office here in Brooklyn, New York. We can provide additional information as well as schedule an evaluation to see if our pediatric treatments are right for your child. Then our polite and fun staff can begin the appropriate techniques so that they can begin to recover from their injury or condition.

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We accept most insurances! Please call us for more information and if you have any questions about other payment options that we offer!

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