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The physical demands placed on sports athletes and dancers can take a significant toll on their bodies, creating injuries that require rehabilitative treatment. In Brooklyn, New York, the ProKinetics Physical Therapy staff provides a range of treatments to help athletes and dancers recover from injuries and avoid future problems.

Sports Injuries Q & A

What Are Common Injuries That Athletes and Dancers Face?

Many athletes and dancers experience injuries and accidents when they are in training or when they engage in their respective activities. They may have to deal with ankle sprains, ligament tears, ACL tears, stress fractures, and a host of other injuries. Seeking immediate treatment to heal from the injury and then the appropriate physical therapy can allow the dancer or athlete recover from the issues without losing mobility functions.

How Will ProKinetics Physical Therapy Help Athletes?

Our staff provides clinical care to athletes who have experienced injuries or other traumas to their bodies. We place them on the path of wellness while helping them strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and improve balance so they can take the sports field again. In addition, our office also assists athletes by providing tips and advice to prevent the injuries from reoccurring.

What Treatments Will Dancers Obtain from ProKinetices Physical Therapy?

The staff at ProKinetics Physical Therapy helps dancers regain their footing again by understand dance-related injuries and providing specialized injury treatment. Dancers obtain physical rehabilitation that focuses on assessing the dancer's injuries, developing a rehabilitation management program to get them back on the path to wellness, and providing preventive information to help the dancer avoid the same injuries in the future.

Whether a person is a dancer or an athlete, both professionals can find the physical therapy techniques and pain management plans offered by the qualified and trained staff at ProKinetics Physical Therapy. Here at ProKinetics, people don't have to give up their sports or dance career due to certain injuries they receive participating in their chosen activities. We can often help them restore their balance and movements again so they can again return to the dance stage or sports field after experiencing their injury while gaining the therapy advice they need to take better care of their bodies.

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