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People with separated abdominal muscles may experience a condition known as diastic recti. Here at the ProKinetics Physical Therapy office located in Brooklyn, New York, we help people who suffer from this condition by providing them with the Tupler Technique.

Tupler Technique Q & A

What Exactly is Diastasis Recti?

Diastasis Recti is a condition where the abdomen muscles are separated from each other due to weakened connective tissue. Most people are born with separated abdomen muscles. When growing older, the connective tissue strengthens and pulls the abdomen muscles closer together as the nervous system fully develops by the age of three. Yet for some people, the connective tissue remains weak as the abdomen muscles remain separated.

What happens When a Person Has Separated Abdomen Muscles?

The abdomen muscles help to properly support the back and muscles. When there is too much separation, the connective tissue creates a weak spot that can create future back support problems. The area around the belly button is one weak spot that may also cause future muscle separation problems.

What is the Tupler Technique?

The Tupler Technique that is provided at the ProKinetics Physical Therapy officer provides a 4-step program that helps strengthen the connective tissues so that the abdomen muscles pull closer together. This technique can also prevent future separation problems when a person has a weak spot along the connective tissue. The 4-step process involves exercises, putting the abdomen muscles in place with splints, strengthening the muscles and connective tissues while learning to use the transverse muscle, and understanding how to lay down and get up correctly without causing abdomen separation. By performing all of these techniques, a person can build up their back support.

Having a strong and supportive back can help people avoid other conditions that can negatively impact a person's mobility and movements. Learn more about the Tupler Technique and the 4-step program by speaking with the qualified staff at ProKinetics Physical Therapy in Brooklyn, New York. We will help you strengthen your connective tissue and avoid abdomen muscles separation so you will not have to deal with getting diastasis recti.


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